♡ Welcome
.My name is Hadar and I reside in Tel Aviv, Israel
.I am a numerologist, astrologist, with spiritual, healing and intuitive gifts
,I am able to see, tune/ tap into the vibration that your name and birthdate carry
.allowing me to see your past life, present and future
,The benefits of a reading is to give you clarity, focus
,to assist you on your life’s journey
awakening you to your conscious and subconscious as you travel on your life path
,I offer private consultations, telephone readings
,individual and group consultations
Bridal Showers, and teaching of numerology
to empower and expand your knowledge of self
and awaken to what is available to you
.in regard to your highest good
.My wish for all who seek answers is that they find them
,That the answers they find give them a greater sense of inner peace
,allowing all seekers to realize their strength, desires
and ability to create their vision quests
Love and light
Hadar Alon 
Online consultation /Skype available
Payment via Pay Pal or credit card
Phone: 011-972-54-6676559
Email: hadar.nishmati@gmail.com
Please visit my facebook page




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hadar.nishmati@gmail.com    נייד: 054-6676559    

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